Welcome to Pump Six! 

Pump Six is a full-service online product shop for your business. We cater to individuals, small businesses and artists who want to offer branded merchandise to their customers and fans without the expense and headache of inventory, packaging, shipping, etc.

Traditionally, if you wanted to sell a product—let's say a t-shirt for your band—you'd have to order a few dozen minimum from a screen printer, store them in your closet, then manually ship orders as them came in through your website. It's a pain, and you're limited to the colors, sizes, designs and products that you can afford to print and store. And if they don't sell...your loss.

There's a better way, and you've got better things to do.

At Pump Six, you can offer a wide variety of products—shirts, posters, coffee mugs, hats, bags—without ever handling the products. The products are embedded on your website for a seamless shopping experience. Everything is made to order and shipped directly from the factory. You have no inventory to carry and no packaging/shipping or e-commerce to worry about. Pump Six handles all of that for you.

If you've got a logo that you're ready to test out, or if you'd like us to design one for you, we can get you up and running fast. We are a small business just like you, and we know every penny counts. We keep our fees low so that we make money only when you make money.

Contact me directly at support@pumpsix.com to see if Pump Six is a good fit for your merch needs. Happy selling!

- Brett Hullinger, Owner